This Holiday Comes Around and Around


It is hard to revisit an old design. Sometimes it can fill you with dread but other times the familiarity is empowering.

I was pleasantly surprised when I had some requests about trees this year. The next thing I experienced was dread. How can I add to it, change it, improve on it? I came up blank.

These were the first of my pieces that people bought. I had quit my job, I gotten married, I started a business and somehow the process of making the trees got caught up in this. Maybe this is the reason for the block I am feeling. 

But you know who does have ideas? You, the people who have supported me through this process. So here it is, if you want a tree, tell me how you want it. How does a tree fit into your life, your family, your home and your holiday? This year I want to make your tree.

 Let’s get weird.


- Polly.


P.S. If you do have a burning desire and a great idea, get in touch now and I can get your tree to you in the first week of December.

Polly Shanahan