The Influence of Objects

I have a problem with left over wood. Not only do I create it, I also have a problem with it’s disposal. It is hard to let go of even the smallest piece of the beautiful timbers I use for clients. So the pile grows. This was far too representative of my mental state. Something had to be done. If I could create something out of a thing I was avoiding, maybe I could do something similar to my mind.


While making these pencils I have found myself walking that line again. The one between function and the surreal. Each pencil is different. Some are perfectly functional, others not so much. I love the thought that some of these will be on display rather than being used. Although the larger more unusual shapes have a way of influencing you rather than you having control of them.


Each pencil is hand carved out of walnut and mountain ash. Each contain HB lead or willow charcoal.


- Polly.

Polly Shanahan