For Function and Joy

The line between beauty and function is a fun one to walk. Creating an object for it's beauty or creating one for it's function are both things I enjoy. A piece that does both is what truly keeps me going. 

Wooden combs are a great example of this. These are made from reclaimed walnut I have had in my workshop for quite a while. It has been sitting there taunting me, waiting till I could find a loving way to use it. Inspiration was spurred on by some relentless plowing though online museum archives and archaeology study.

The other great pleasure of these combs is the use of hand tools. The manual act of carving and sanding, spending the time and physical effort to manifest what was just your imagination.

The ultimate goal of course being able to enjoy an object for what it is rather than what it was intended for.

- Polly

Polly Shanahan